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Empowering Women through photography

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Empowering Women

The Arena for women to self express and share their perspective

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The potential to express,educate and empower

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Some Facts About Us

Social Enterprise

Lensational is a social enterprise which aims to empower women in developing countries economically and emotionally through equipping them with digital cameras and photography training.


An encounter with four Turkish girls during Bonnie and Peggy's travels to Istanbul have inspired them with the idea of Lensational. They realized that a simple act of taking photos with the local people already put big smiles on their faces. However, photography is not accessible in the developing world and they hope to bring the power of photography to different corners of the world.

The Problem

Women, who hold "half the sky" are still oppressed worldwide. Economically, women only earn only one-tenth of the world's income. Emotionally, women are barred from expressing themselves as two-thirds of the illiterate population globally are women.

And Here We Go

We are passionate, global team from across 15 nationalities

Bonnie Chiu

Bonnie Chiu

Co-Founder & CEO
David Hoffman

David Hoffmann

Head of Research
Lucile Stengel

Lucile Stengel

Head of Marketing
Sunnie Chiu

Sunnie Chiu

Head of Programmes

Our Partners

Buy Photos to Empower Women

Checkout the snaps from our talented photographers

A Street Hawker

A Street Hawker

Starting to work at 7am every day, the old woman sells peanuts on one of the busiest streets in Yangon, Myanmar.

Burka Avengers

Burka Avengers

A Pakistani schoolgirl reading out loud “The Three Little Pigs”. Less than 30% of girls and women in Pakistan can read and write.



A photo and a smile have an equally strong power to break the language barrier and spread positivity.

Brotherly Love

Brotherly Love

Once the slum kids know they have to take a photo,without any hesitation, the boy hugged and kissed his little brother.

One Girl, Different Angles

One Girl, Different Angles

Taken with a disposable camera by a child living in the Red Light District of Lahore. Partnership with Sheed Society.

The Leader?

The Leader

Taken with a disposable camera by a student in a village school in Lahore. Partnership with Citizens’ Commission of Human Development.

Women we worked with: 200

And still counting......

0 160 Towards a better future!

What We Do?

Changing lives of women, a camera at a time

Recycle Cameras

We seek digital camera donations (both used and new) from individuals and corporations. These cameras are then transported to our programme locations for the women to access during and after photography workshops

Conduct Photography Training

We conduct photography training for the women in partnership with local NGOs and photographers. The process of learning photography is the key to women empowerment.

Sell photographs

We sell photography merchandise and stock photographs through exhibitions, our partner agencies and the online platform. The women gets major portion of the revenues back as financial support.

Global Recognition

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How can you help?

Different ways to support us.

Donate cameras

As you move onto using smartphones or DSLR for pictures, do you have an old digital camera sitting at home? If yes, please e-mail us


As a young, dynamic start-up, we are always looking for passionate individuals to assist our work. Check out the open positions

Buy photographs

The revenue through our sales will be given back to our women photographers.

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