We train the next generation of women storytellers

From the margin

At the frontline of women's issues

We Are A Non-Profit Org. Training The Next Generation Of Women Storytellers From The Margins.

We Train Underrepresented Women Across 22 Locations To Share Their Own Stories Through Photography, Video, And Digital Storytelling. We Sell Their Creative Work On Our Gallery & Connect Them With Brands For Further Work Opportunities.

We Believe In Empowering All Women, And In Creating A More Diverse Photography And Media Industry Where All Women Are Heard

Across The Globe, The Media Industry Is Still Male-Dominated And Lacks Ethnic Diversity. Women Who Are Still Hindered By Patriarchal Norms Enjoy Little Representation Of Their Own Voices In Media Conversations. This Challenge Is Even Bigger For Women Of Lower Socio-Economic Backgrounds.

We Are Youth- And Women - Led Team Run Almost Entirely By Volunteers, From Across 23 Locations