About Us

Lensational is a non-profit social enterprise, founded on the International Women’s Day of 2013,
with the mission of equipping women from underrepresented groups and communities with cameras and photography
training so they can express themselves and represent themselves with dignity.

We believe in empowering women through photography. This includes: 

  • Emotional Empowerment: Gaining access to cameras gives women a new way to express themselves freely and to retain memories. Therapeutic photography is also a proven counselling technique to overcome social isolation.
  • Economic Empowerment: Our students will receive 50% of the revenue once their photographs are sold through Lensationals online platform and partner agencies. With photography skills, they can also pursue freelance photography opportunities.

Registered as a Non-profit social enterprise in HongKong our initial programs were launched in Hong Kong, Pakistan, and Myanmar.

March 2013
Winner Resolution Project Social Venture Challenge (Australia)
May 2013
1st training workshop in HongKong
May 2013
Training workshop in Myanmar
Sept 2013
Training programmme in Pakistan
Dec 2013
Third place award Social Venture Challenge Asia South Korea

May 2014
Finalist McKinsey Venture Academy & Advancing Development Challenge
Nov 2014
Raised 4066 GBP in contest and crowdfunding campaign
Feb 2015
Awarded 15,000 GBP as the winner for HIVOS social innovation awards
Feb 2015
Run training workshops in China, Bangladesh and Kenya
July 2017
Became contributors to Getty Images
May 2018
Launched a training programme in Kenya
August 2019
Our Shared Forest Lensationals first photobook

April 2020
COVID-19 Response

When COVID struck we set out to ensure the safety of both our volunteers and storytellers. Additionally we committed financial resources help in supporting visual advocacy campaigns around health messages, especially targeting women with low income which encompassed majority of our photographers. 

Rest of 2020
Design thinking
Rethinking training delivery and how we define impact

Amidst the downtime caused by the COVID pandemic, we proactively embarked on an in-depth program evaluation, reevaluating our training approach and its overall effectiveness. This initiative resulted in the creation of a new training curriculum, signifying a departure from our previous short-duration training programs that lasted only a few days. Instead, we introduced comprehensive training programs spanning several months, underscoring our commitment to achieving both far-reaching impact and the cultivation of in-depth skills. This strategic shift has significantly enhanced our capacity to deliver more effective and impactful training.

March 2021
Lydia takes over as CEO from Bonnie
May 2021
Pilot for Envisioning Resilience Initiative Kenya
June 2021
Pilot for Enivisioning Resilience Ghana
Nov 2021
Global Policy Discussions
Participation in COP 27
March 2022
Policy Dialogue
Policy dialogues in Kenya and Ghana under Envisioning Resilience
Nov 2022
Participation in COP 28

Feb 2023
Commencement of Envisioning Resilience Initiative Ghana
June 2023
Economic empowerment
Photographers in Kenya under the Envisioning Resilience Initiative are commissioned on assignment
August 2023
Policy Dialogue
Policy dialogue in Jamaica
October 2023
Economic Empowerment
Photographers in Kenya contest and are awarded for a commissioned assignment on Care and Climate
Nov 2023
Launch of our first advanced training programme
Nov 2023
Launch of Envisioning Resilience in Rwanda