Award Program

Invest in Emerging Women Photographers

Lensational is dedicated to empowering underrepresented women photographers by providing them with the resources and opportunities they need to tell their stories and achieve meaningful representation of themselves and their communities.


The EmpowerHerLens collective fund will provide emerging photographers – in Lensational’s network and beyond – with paid opportunities and technical support to pursue their story ideas.

We recognize the challenges faced by emerging women photographers, especially the financial barriers, which prevent them from devoting time and resources to their photography pursuits.

Join Us in Empowering Her Lens

Private individuals, companies and institutional actors are invited to support this fund. Your support will make a difference to the lives of aspiring photographers and help elevate underrepresented voices in the photography industry.

About the Fund

Our Award Program, EmpowerHerLens, provides the financial support women photographers need to pursue their goals without barriers. As a collective fund this is an opportunity for both institutions and individuals to directly  fund and support a photographer or more in the development and execution of their photo stories.

In recent years photographers in our network benefited financially and professionally from paid assignments commissioned through our network of partners. The EmpowerHerLens fund will now make this possible year-round, thanks to your support.

The Approach

At Lensational, we are committed to maintaining ethical standards in storytelling. We provide aspiring storytellers with a clear set of ethical principles and encourage them to adopt non-extractive approaches to research and documentation methods.

Aspiring women photographers from around the globe are chosen based on the strengths of their ideas and their commitment to ethical approaches. We empower the women we work with and their communities by expanding knowledge through the stories they share.

Donate to EmpowerHerLens

Any donation – small or large – helps us make a difference.

Donors contributing $500 or more will be acknowledged with a byline in the photo essay that is created.
For those contributing up to $1000, in addition to the byline, you have the privilege to choose the specific topic you would like explored in the essay.
For institutions partnering with us and contributing any amount exceeding $2000, the institution will receive a one-year editorial license with rights to use up to 10 photographs within their premises during the specified period.