New perspectives in documentary photography: A skill building course for emerging women photographers

New perspectives in documentary photography: A skill building course for emerging women photographers
June 5, 2023 site.admin

The first cohort of Lensational’s skill building programme New Perspectives In Documentary Photography is now open for applications.

The New Perspectives programme is an advanced photography programme, designed as a follow-up to our existing basic photography programme, and targeting emerging women photographers  – both former Lensational students, and external applicants – who are seeking support to advance their professional career.

Our experience delivering our foundational photography programme over the years has highlighted a need amongst Lensational alumnae for more continuous and advanced support. I has also highlighted a need for opening up our training to other women photographers in the industry.

There is a pervasive tendency in documentary photography, to approach communities with preconceived notions about how their stories should be told. Often, we evaluate the circumstances of low-income, communities through our own lens, rather than theirs, and end up misrepresenting them. This programme is also designed to reshape such narratives, and ackowledge the desire communities have, for active participation in shaping how they are portrayed.

Who can apply:

This programme is open to all women photographers from underrepresented backgrounds – this includes any form of underrepresentation – women from low-income backgrounds, women who have been displaced, women from underrepresented ethnic & religious communities, women with disabilities, etc. We ackowledge that ‘disadvantage’ can mean many things in different contexts. We will therefore review your application on a case by case basis.


This is an online course


The course will start in August/September 2023 and will run for 4 months. Sessions will run every two weeks.

What will be covered:

  • Advanced composition techniques
  • Participatory and ethical photography
  • Photo essay storyboarding
  • Editing techniques
  • Storytelling for advocacy and international development
  • Media pitching

Application details

The deadline for applications is June, 30th, 2023. Please submit your candidacy by filling the following application form.