Pictures beyond the frame

Pictures beyond the frame
March 23, 2023 site.admin
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The Hong Kong-based Lensational has set out on a mission to liberate women who have grown up in poverty and without much education by teaching self-expression through photography. Dara Wang reports.

On a weekend afternoon about a year ago, an Indonesian house maid Arumy Marzudhy saw something that changed her life while strolling on a Hong Kong street. Probably it didn’t occur to her at the time that her life might be changed by seeing an old street sweeper bending to reach into a dustbin, nearly dwarfed by the pile of garbage bags that was already filled after one day toil.

Marzudhy recognized herself in that scene. At 28, she resigned herself to a lifetime scrubbing toilets in Hong Kong. The young woman took out her camera and snapped the picture through the “eye” of the concrete lattice work across the road — cold, dispassionate, offering no empathy — just as she felt others saw her.

“I felt I was just like her, working hard for money, even handling rubbish to earn it,” said Marzudhy.

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