girls in sports challenging the status quo in zambia

girls in sports challenging the status quo in zambia
April 10, 2023 site.admin

Cameras challenging the status quo in Zambia


Challenging The Status Quo In Zambia

Statistics for Zambia reveal that only 31% of women have completed primary school and only 8% have completed secondary school. The effects of poor education are far-reaching, and have consequences that can impact women for the rest of their life.
With the support of Standard Chartered Bank, Lensational partnered with the National Organisation for Women in Sport Physical Activity and Recreation (NOWSPAR), who use sports to challenge gender norms, and trained young women with photography and digital storytelling skills.
In total, Lensational trained 15 participants ranging from 12-26 years old. Most were pupils from various schools still shaping their careers and living with parents, but the programme opened their eyes to other career possibilities, and the value of storytelling.
“Girls And Women Can Bring Great Change, Not Only In Sports But Also In Photography. Through Highlighting And Speaking Us Against Barriers They Face’
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