Successful Crowdfunding Of Our Shared Forest Photobook

Successful Crowdfunding Of Our Shared Forest Photobook
June 24, 2019 site.admin

(London, UK) Lensational’s campaign for its first photo book, Our Shared Forest, has just ended on Kickstarter! 132 backers pledged £10,570 to help bring this project to life.

Our Shared Forest is a photo book capturing the environment and its degradation across Africa and Asia, women behind the lens. Our book, which features the work of 34 Lensational photographers, seeks to champion women’s perspectives on the environment and their role in climate action.

With your help, we will be covering our printing costs for Our Shared Forest! The rest of the proceeds will go towards our work to raise awareness of women’s role in climate action.

We will be shipping our first books to our backers in September. Stay tuned here if you’d like to purchase further copies as we will be announcing our distribution soon!